Golfers Elbow – “Common Sports Injuries”

This video discusses Golfers Elbow, one of the common sports injuries. Like tennis elbow, golfers elbow is caused from repeated use. Golfers elbow is pain on the inside of the elbow where tennis elbow is located on the outside. Symptoms include elbow pain as well as pain in your forearm when force flexing the fingers.

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  1. lukyluky14, 26 June, 2009

    uhm im a tennis player, i got golf elbow.since 2 days ago and it hurts alot when i hit the forehand and serve but there seems to be no problem with my backhand…. and i got a big tournament in 1 day…. what should i do.. play the tournament or withdraw ?

  2. noon3freak, 04 August, 2009

    I care about your health so ill say withdraw

  3. lukyluky14, 06 August, 2009

    thnx i did l0l

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