Tennis Elbow Cure part 2 shows how to work the biceps to help the elbow.

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  1. AussieRosie, 25 July, 2009

    I have tennis elbow. I agree that weight training to exercise the area is the best way to go.
    Should you do the reps that fast or should they be slower.?

  2. hi10spro, 26 July, 2009

    whoa. fast is dangerous. go slow. it might be sore so go slow… and ironically, I tweaked my elbow because I fell asleep on it…then, I reached for something…and now it’s all f-ed up…

  3. iamtheralwus, 09 January, 2010

    Be very careful with tennis elbow. I had mine ultra sound treated two days ago and it revealed a tear in the tendon. I have been advised to rest the arm so the tendon can heal itself. In my case weights training would only make things worse. You should first get the injury examined before you lift wights. Tennis elbow is very debilitating and can take months or longer to heal, so be very careful.

  4. iamtheralwus, 09 January, 2010

    Be very careful with tennis elbow. Two days ago I had my tennis elbow treated with ultra sound and a small tear was revealed in the extensor tendon. I was advised to rest it so the tendon could heal itself. For me, weights training would further tear the tissue. I would advise people to do as I did. Find out exactly what and where the injury is, and then your doctor can give intelligent advise as to how best to treat it. Tennis elbow is a very debilitating ailment, so be very careful.

  5. evilempire96, 11 January, 2010

    God it sucks right, I’ve spent 300 pounds on gym membership, was making so much progress until I got tennis elbow in my right arm. I do pull ups, press ups, flyes etc, so I’ve taken Ibuprofen, iced it, stretched it and whenever i lift it comes back – really sucks.

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