How can I work out the muscles around my elbow?

My biceps are fine and my forearms are getting bigger, but the area around the lower bone in my elbow really bothers me because it sticks out so much! What exercises can I do to bulk up around there?

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  1. Victor F, 09 April, 2010

    tricep extension.
    get a free wieght in the right.left hand. put your same knee your using with your hand on a stool chair lean fowards. push the wieght backwards

  2. Jungone, 09 April, 2010

    12 oz curls

  3. peleadora, 09 April, 2010

    i use 12 pound weights to strenghten it, i lifte them up into the air. also you can do a push up style exercise emphasizing that msucle

  4. spuds_316, 09 April, 2010

    forearms and tris

  5. Kimberlie H, 09 April, 2010

    I apologise in advance for this but… WHAT????

  6. screwed by thee orange box, 09 April, 2010

    Never heard of elbow muscles…. talk to a personal trainer or some gorilla at a local gym.

  7. danny, 09 April, 2010

    hold a comforable amount of weight straight up in the air let your forearm fall behing you while keeping your bicept/tricept part of your arm still straight up. keep your arm steady with the other arm by holding it by the elbow. let your forearm fall and bring it all back straight again. this would work you tricepts but mostly towards your elbow

  8. t.mcbride1966, 09 April, 2010

    Try doing some triceps work…use weights, bend over slightly, then hold your arms straight back. Keep your arms straight back and then bend your elbow to bring your forearm forward (keep your arms up)…. and then back again using your muscle to do this.

    Almost like you are trying to stretch your triceps.

  9. Kerry R, 09 April, 2010

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