Pain in elbow when i extend or lift things, numbness in whole arm?

My right elbow kills, my right arm is real week too, i have a numb dull pain in it constantly??
If i extend my arm my elbow feels real sore and bruised but i dont recal knocking it??

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  1. GIRDHARILAL L, 10 April, 2010

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  2. clovergirly_99, 10 April, 2010

    sounds like tennis elbow which is a repetative strain..i know because i suffer from this in both elbows..go see your doctor about it and rest your arm with some ice. I can no longer extend my arms or lift certain things..if your are doing something repeatedly at work or home this will cause your tendants in your arm and elbow to become inflamed and irritated. Speak to the doctor and dont let it go too long. My pain is chronic and is only getting worse. Good luck

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