Bumped my elbow HARD why does my wrist hurt?

I was on the floor putting some books on a low shelf. When I brought my arm down after shelving a book my elbow (kind of on the upper side of it) hit HARD on the corner of a large plastic box which has a sharp corner.

The pain wasn’t like hitting my funny bone, it was much worse. I swear it brought tears to my eyes and my whole arm went numb from the elbow to the tips of my fingers.

What I want to know why do my wrists and fingers hurt bad now too? My elbow is really sore. It hurts to bend it out all the way and honestly the pain just type it bad. I have a bruise now showing up where I hit it.

Any idea what’s wrong?

Oh & YES I will watch out for plastic boxes now and I won’t type anymore! lol

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  1. ciela109, 12 April, 2010

    There’s a tendon that runs from your elbow to your wrist – that’s probably what you hit, and why your wrist and fingers are bothering you. I have tendonitis and my elbow is extremely tender in one spot, but when it flares up my wrist gets sore and my pinky finger goes numb. Hopefully you will feel better in a couple days but if pain lingers talk to your doctor.

  2. dances_with_unicorns1955, 12 April, 2010

    I’d suggest getting the arm checked. Your arm is a pretty complex piece of machinery, and everything that attaches to the wrist has to run through the elbow. You could have fractured wrist bones even though the impact was to the elbow. You could also have some nerve compression in the elbow that is affecting your wrist. Whatever it is, you need to have it checked, so that the problem doesn’t end up worse than it already is.

  3. Brunette1234, 12 April, 2010

    ok dont worry its completely normal. happens to me all the time! (im a klutz ;D)

    its because wen the elbow is numb, the whole arm is numb. this is because the bones are all connected and tight together, and u just get this feeling that it hurts all the way to your finger tips. dont worry, it will wear ot soon, maybe like a few minutes up to about a half an hour. its happened to me so much that i just get a tingly feeling in my arm for about 5 seconds then it goes away. (yes im THAT klutzy lol)

  4. just a girl, 12 April, 2010

    put some ice on it and see a doctor.

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