I think I may have broken/fractured my elbow?

Today, I smashed my elbow REALLY hard on a metal cabinet and ever since all around my elbow is sore, I can’t bear to bend and straighten it, it’s so sore!
What could I have done?

And also, this is a bit weird but my other elbow (that i havent hit at all) has shooting pains every time i bend straighten it?

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  1. neuromancer, 12 April, 2010

    ok answer a few of these questions:
    is there swelling above or below your elbow?
    any discoloration, deformity, bruising?
    numbness, tingling, tightness?

    difficulty moving through a full range of motion? (ie can you actually bend your elbow and touch your shoulder? can you fully straighten your arm?)
    can you rotate your hand? hold your arm out straight and rotate your hand so the palm faces the floor and then the ceiling)

    if you can do these motions but it’s painful you’ve only dinged yourself. if you can physically NOT do these motions then you’ve got a bigger problem. but it’s your elbow, and they wear out faster than most other joints (besides knees) so that being said: i would suggest that you go to emergency straight away to have it checked out anyway, especially if the pain is severe. don’t leave it to chance or listen to us on y/a because we really aren’t doctors (most of us)

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