Joints are sore after workout exercises…?

I’ve been working out, pretty steady for a month or so. I find that my joints are getting sore from my workouts (feels like tendinitis). I’m feeling it in my left elbow on a consistent basis. I’ve been checking my workout form, and everything seems to be by the book (no improper strain on tendons or joints). I take no supplements whatsoever, just good ol’ fashioned high protein/carb foods after my workouts. I hear that there are natural supplements out there that people take to prevent joint pain, but I dunno…I’m not a pill guy. Any suggestions on what I should do?

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  1. killer_tranny, 13 April, 2010

    too much exercise without the preparation ?

  2. goldlust74, 13 April, 2010

    warm ups.

  3. tripsnpig, 13 April, 2010

    soak after in HOT water with lots of epsom salts.
    During wrap and tape the ares that get real sore.
    Stretch before
    remember that breating is very important during the workout.
    Conscoiusly breath into those areas during your workout.
    Good luck!

  4. Shannon L, 13 April, 2010

    Glucosomine and condroitin (It’s combined into one supplement) I believe are good natural supplements for joint health. Unless you’re excellent at balancing your diet, I might suggest a multi-vitamin to take every day. You might be lacking calcium or other vital nutrients that help your body heal. You might also want to visit with a professional trainer or doctor to make sure you aren’t damaging the tissue between your joints or have other health risks that this could be attributed to. Best of luck.

  5. nena b, 13 April, 2010

    Get a supplement to protect your joints, you just started working out, maybe you should lower your weights a bit up until your body adjusts to the continual activity. If you are using weights remember your body is not used to that at all, try to make sure that you focus on your movements and posture while exercising as well.

  6. sweetpea, 13 April, 2010

    Make sure you are drinking lots of water. Believe it or not it does Lubricate the joints. mabe wrap the sore points before working out next time. Make sure you give your joints enough time to rest in between sets. Workout 3-4 tms a week till soreness gets better then increase. It just sounds like you are over working the joints. Taking a supplement couldn’t hurt, they have it in liquid form. Take Care Hope this helps

  7. sugarpacketchad, 13 April, 2010

    My step father had bad knees and he took glucosimine. I remember him saying that the kind with condroitin didn’t work as well.

    But your not a pill guy, so did you ever consider sitting in a steam room afterwards. A hot tub might do the trick also.

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