I took for motrin yesterday. Is that too many at once?

I’m a pitcher and have been experiencing some elbow soreness recently. My physical therapist said it was tendinitis and I’ve been doing arm exercises and getting deep tissue massages. I pitched in a game two days ago and threw 30 pitches. During pitching my arm felt fine, but afterwards it hurt so I iced it. Yesterday it still was sore so I took four motrin and it feels great now. If the motrin keeps working I’ll take it but I was wondering if four was too many. By the way I’m 15 and I’m 6’0 tall and 205 pounds.

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  1. duke s, 14 April, 2010

    4 motrin one time isn’t too many, but at your tender age you need to be real careful or this injury may come back to nag you in later years, see a DR.

  2. Morganb777, 14 April, 2010

    The dosage for people 12+ is 1 pill every 4-6 hours, and you shouldn’t take more than 6 in 24 hours. Taking four won’t hurt you once, but I wouldn’t keep taking that many. Talk to your doctor though

  3. Dee, 14 April, 2010

    Did you take 4 of the 200mg pills or just a total of 400mg? Either way you are okay but you need to check with your doctor if you’re going to take 800mg of motrin at a time. Even though it’s over the counter, you have to be careful, especially with your kidneys. He may want you to try something different.

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