Lower bicep and elbow pain after getting hit in the arm while throwing football?

I was in throwing motion with the football when a defender behind me got his hand on the ball at the point where I would have released the ball. This caused my elbow to "jam" or get pressed forward a bit, perhaps hyper-extended? Immediately there was some pain in my elbow, but it seemed to go away. Two days later I threw again and my elbow became sore almost immediately. The soreness is a little higher on the elbow and into the lower bicep. It tingles a little when I’m not doing anything, but my range or strength does not seem significantly impaired. Any ideas about diagnosis, and/or more importantly prognosis? I’m supposed to play in three days. Is that smart if I wear a brace? Whats typical recovery based on your opinion of the problem?

Thank you!

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  1. powermanjosh, 15 April, 2010

    Go to your doctor and have it checked out it could be a serious injury

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