How should I start getting in shape for the upcoming High School Tennis season?

My school’s tennis season is coming up and i’m sure i’ll make varsity, but how should I start getting ready for the season? Im pretty sure i’m out of shape since I didn’t join any winter sports, and all i’ve eaten was fastfood and junkfood. I’ve also started driving so I hardly walk nowadays. How should I start getting ready? Any tips on exercises or routines I should do? Forearm preparation tips?

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  1. Emme, 15 April, 2010

    Sprints for Speed, not endurance. Lots and lots of sprints.

    To get endurance, do any Long time cardio training. Running is good, but with tennis, there is so much start stop, that some other type of aerobic training is actually better… but it has to be non stop for like an hour or more.

    Jogging has a different motion, so it isn’t really teh most ideal, but if its all you can do for endurance than go for that.

    then I agree w the others for wrist strength training. And hitting a wall, and playing with a friend for points, not games.

    Definitely get off the junk food. GROSS!

  2. grandpa, 15 April, 2010

    run, run, run, for your stamina (don’t forget to stretch)…stop eating crap. Work on your legs! If they go, well, there goes your game. Do your local courts have a practice wall? If so, start pounding. Check your racquet strings, regrip if necessary. Hand and eye coordination has been lost so start keeping a tennis ball in your pack and toss it around to get used to it again. Practice your serve with a basket for timing…good luck. find a partner and play points, not games.

  3. Bryan W, 15 April, 2010

    Hi ethan1hp. Glad your starting to think about the future. You just have to keep exercising and eat healthy foods. You also have to get enough sleep everyday. Good luck in tennis!

  4. Bobby, 15 April, 2010

    The biggest thing you can do to get in shape is run and jog every day. A few sprints will help, too. Squeezing a rather soft ball every day may strengthen your hand or wrist. Hit against a backboard or wall, or get to the courts with a friend and play tennis if you can. Good luck.

  5. fedderfan951, 15 April, 2010

    You can run sprints for Endurence,
    run long distance for endurents,
    and swim for stamina

  6. terminator, 15 April, 2010

    stretch, jog, run, skip rope,
    squeeze an old tennis ball, do some dumbbell curls and tricep extensions to work both sides of the muscles in the arm,
    stop eating junk food and start eating fruits and vegetables
    get active and stop sitting around infront of the computer

  7. Cynthia J, 15 April, 2010

    I agree with everyone else that running is the thing to do. But you should also think about what you eat maybe too. Instead of eating junk food try eating healthier things like a ceaser salad with chicken or for snacks eat something like lean cuisine hot pockets. They are filling but at the same time, low calorie. Then instead of driving everywhere walk to school if its close two days a week. If your looking to lift weights, go to the rec center close by or buy your own weights from Dicks Sporting Goods. Their prices for weights are pretty cheap.

    But good luck!

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