Massage Therapy for Tendinitis : Ice Massages for Elbow Tendinitis

Do you have tendinitis? Get tips for relieving symptoms with ice massages in thisfree video clip about massage therapy education and tips. Expert: Shehayla M. Jones Bio: Shehayla Jones has been a massage therapist for over 27 years, receiving her Massage Technicians License in 1981. She owns and operates a full service massage therapy clinic and micro-spa, Spa Sansu, Filmmaker: max koetter

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  1. blakliffy, 28 October, 2008

    i think this has such little views because most youtubers don’t even know how to work out haha, but thanks 🙂

    i worked out too much and didn’t sleep enough :/

  2. recon111, 02 December, 2008

    both my elbows make a clicking noise when i bend my arms as if doing a bicep curl. is this because of tendinitis?

  3. rinlag1, 08 November, 2009

    Promotes circulation ?????????? are you sure ???Heat promotes circulation not ice.

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