What would cause a soreness on the inside of my elbow below the bone?

I play a lot of baseball over the course of the year, and I have had a problem with the inside of my elbow slightly below the wide part of the bone. It tends to get inflamed, which makes it sore. I notice it when making long throws. I play outfield and do not pitch if that helps. Thanks.
I play a lot of baseball. OF only. No pitching. And when making long throws I’ve noticed it gets a little sore. Sometimes it gets inflamed there. Any idea what the exact cause would be or how to heal it? Thanks.

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  1. Haliee loves music!, 15 April, 2010

    you could have pulled a muscle, put your joint out of place,or maybe your arm isn’t used to the pressure—- keep you arm in a sling, or just let you arm rest for a while if that doesnt help see a docter (:

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