How do I get rid of my dog's elbow callouses?

My dog is a Labrador Retriever and that breed is prone to elbow callouses. I’ve moisturized. I’ve encouraged him to sleep on soft places. Lately he’s been scratching them and they’ve been bleeding. Have you gotten rid of your dog’s?
Yup. Use Bag Balm and he’s slim and trim. Thank you. Any more suggestions?

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  1. julie d, 16 April, 2010

    I would massage the elbows with a product called Bag Balm. I is reallly made for softening cow udders, but works very well on callouses, including on people. It can be found in most pet shops and is not expensive.

  2. Lisa, 16 April, 2010

    Asking the same question twice won’t get you more responses, especially when they’re just 3 minutes apart.

    I linked to your original question below.

  3. Carl p, 16 April, 2010

    You can massage oil or cream into it, like a moisturizer
    If they are very bad, you can talk to the vet about removal.

  4. sarah r, 16 April, 2010

    call your vet and see what he/she would recommend

  5. teener_b, 16 April, 2010

    Add a little fish oil to his diet.

    Rub the spots with Bag Balm:

  6. gsdmix, 16 April, 2010

    I asked my vet about them, what causes them. The weight of a dog can add to them being prone to develop. Labs are know to be lovers of food! He did not offer any treatments, just as you’re doing soft places to lay and watch their weight gain. I have a new puppy and am not wanting her to develop them. I have a friend with a Lab, and they look very severe, at times oozing and bleeding, he is overweight, but also has dysplasia, he’s about 8 yrs old, his ailments I’m sure add to the severity he’s putting extra strain on his elbows when laying down or getting up. I’d try the bag balm, seems pretty popular for these types issues, it inexpensive and what have you got to loose?

  7. Maru, 16 April, 2010

    labrador retrievers should not be overweight to avoid elbow callouses.

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