What are some exercises i can do to get ready for sports next year?

Im going into 9th next school year and i want to be prepared for sports. I want to do volleyball and tennis (possibly basketball). What are some things i can do to get ready for these sports (plz dont just say play the sport, i know that.) Like what muscles do i need to get stronger and what are some exercises i can do to strengthen that muscle?

Thanks alot! 🙂

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  1. Chuck P, 18 April, 2010

    Your best bet would be to get in touch with one of the coaches at your school for advice. With that said, you be careful not to overtrain, as you are just starting to develop your adult body.

    For starters, I’d be looking at aerobic capacity. You’ll improve this with things like running, cycling, and swimming. Once you are comfortable with your technique, start doing some speed work (Wind sprints or intervals) once a week.

    Beyond that, the sports you are interested in all require the ability to make rapid changes in direction. With that in mind, you can work on things like side hops. I’d hold off on plyometrics for the time being, as it’s easy to get hurt if you do them wrong.

    In any case, play the sport because you enjoy it. If you’re not having fun, you’ll grow to hate the very thing you have worked so hard to achieve.

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