How can I cut my elbow length hair into layers myself?

I am worried that I might do a mullett. I also want to know if it’s bad luck to cut your own hair. Just asking.

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  1. anila, 18 April, 2010

    i don’t think that it would be bad luck. but i wouldn’t take any chances, if you want it to look the best you should get it done. long hair is beauttiful, don’t ruin it

  2. maddyg, 18 April, 2010

    I’ve cut my own hair before and it worked decently well except I found the layers ended up being choppy layers (if that’s what you want then perfect) First get a good pair of hair cutting scissors, regular one’s will not work. Then pin back or put in a pony tail holder what you want to be your longest layer to make sure you don’t accidently cut it shorter. Wet hair to be cut. Using a rat tail comb pick up a small amount of hair, vertically longer than it is wider, and comb out. Then hold the hair between two fingers with one hand and with the other holding the scissors cut on an inward angle going upwards so the higher the hair is on your head the shorter it is. Do this wherever you want layers!

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