Tennis Elbow Healing Technique

Follow this simple technique to help ease your tennis elbow lateral epicondylitis pain. Use your body’s own healing power to treat tennis elbow pain. For a FREE course on muscle relaxation go

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  1. JoeyWildstyle, 06 June, 2008

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  2. bobbyfadel, 01 December, 2008

    Dear Karen,

    Thank you for your help. Do I need to pay you to get a longer explanation of how the thumb needling can help to relieve pain? I have chronic tennis elbow that no doctor, eastern or western has been able to help for more than 10 years.

  3. LardInATubeSock, 03 May, 2009

    This is the worst B.S. swill I have seen in a long time. Who wants to bet she has no real qualifications?

  4. bhytredf, 06 May, 2009

    what a load of shite!!

  5. quicksilver600, 06 May, 2009

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  6. iamthepantyman, 29 May, 2009

    and after you have finished i will give her a fisting. Tennis elbow treatment my arse!

  7. nugebri, 11 August, 2009

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  8. dunyikurtaranadam, 02 September, 2009

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  9. grundgemonster, 02 September, 2009

    The best painkillers are not actually stored in the spine and brain, they’re stored down at the local drug store.

  10. grundgemonster, 02 September, 2009

    Tennis elbow affects the grasping action of my right hand. Because of this I’m finding it extremely difficult to masturbate, and have not been able to get used to using my left hand for the task. Any ideas as to how I could overcome this problem? (please don’t suggest getting a girlfriend, ‘cos that idea’s a non-starter).

  11. Jbalaji, 07 February, 2010

    Thanks for the tip and exercise…It is like reflexology…I implment and to see the effectiveness…
    Once again thanks for the tip and simple exercise.

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