Tennis Elbow Cure shows the wrist curls–I use 20 lbs palms down and 35 lbs palms up–BUT when my tennis elbow was really bad–that I couldn’t even brush my teeth. I did

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  1. sicophiliac, 30 April, 2009

    Hes right, I have noticed too that light weight training improves healing of an injury. You don’t go heavy enough to re injure it but stay light at first to increase blood flow and to strengthen the muscles and the tendons and ligaments. If part of the connective tissue is damaged I think the weight training helps strengthen the remaining tissue and takes load off the damaged part.

  2. hi10spro, 30 April, 2009

    rehab is the key–if not, what do you do? rest, and get muscle atrophy–then go play and it hurts worse? take anti-inflams? so you don’t feel the pain, then go play and hurt it worse. get a cortizone shot? then, go play and make it worse? no. you do muscle rehab–rebuild the muscles around the joint and tendon–buffering it so you get better–also fix the technique–you’re doing something wrong…

  3. rgs2654321, 04 June, 2009

    I got really bad tennis elbow in both arms from weight lifting any kind of lifting I find re-injures it… The only cure I found is patience avoiding using it and time off…

  4. hi10spro, 05 June, 2009

    sounds like you hyper extended it. I did that once from lifting… and take GREAT pain now to avoid it. if you have this type of injury, forget lifting until it heals.

  5. rgs2654321, 06 June, 2009

    I know your right it’s the only thing that helps it heal…Really sucks i love training…Now recently my fingers are kinda moving on there own so to top off the ol’ tennis elbow I may have a pinched nerve as well… Nothing I can do but wait it sucks so much man…

  6. kamikento, 13 August, 2009

    ive never had tennis elbow and don’t know if this will accually cure or speed up healing but it will help prevent the injury from happening

  7. hi10spro, 14 August, 2009

    tennis elbow sucks. it used to hurt to brush my teeth. and then, the only surefire cure is rest…suck. no tennis?!

  8. Icecerific, 07 September, 2009

    garry man, u are using way too much weight . like this u rather make ur condition worse, use lighter weights , good exercise though

  9. hi10spro, 07 September, 2009

    but my muscles… and homes, I don’t have tennis elbow…

  10. Icecerific, 08 September, 2009

    must ve been mistaken —-ahh i thought u did … heard u complaining about pain in ur arm after ur tourney

  11. hi10spro, 08 September, 2009

    lately, when I hit any ball at a full extension… PAIN… but after the tourney–so much tennis…

  12. smokesar, 04 November, 2009

    how long of a rest??

  13. hi10spro, 04 November, 2009

    rest doesn’t really work–my arm aches now, but if I start doing my wrist curls, biceps, triceps, the pain will go away. I don’t play very much anyways so the muscles have atrophied. I suggest weights always–muscles will stabilize the elbow

  14. smokesar, 04 November, 2009

    are u sure u have tennis elbow? has a doctor told u? im asking because whenever i do bicep or tricep my elbow is in SEVERE pain..i went to the gym today and did just the wrist curls i saw in this vid..

  15. hi10spro, 04 November, 2009

    whoa…define severe. when my tennis elbow acts up, i can’t brush my teeth, holding a coffee cup hurts, and when I hit a backhand…OUCH…BUT once I warm up, the backhand is okay. Then, I do the wrist curls–when it’s bad, I can’t do 10 lbs…so I do 5 lbs…and build it up…but that’s me–i’m not an MD…so if it hurts too much–go see a sports doctor orthopedic

  16. smokesar, 05 November, 2009

    yours sounds pretty bad also..when its acting up i cant close a car door..close my socks drawer..same stuff as you like brushin i tried your advice and it has helped me somewhat compared to everything else which didnt help at my physical therapy didnt help for shit really..but yea keep me posted on anything that helps thanks alot..

  17. mostupdate, 17 November, 2009

    hey hi10spro,
    how long have you been havng a tennis elbow
    have you seen any family Physician, PT…
    are you taking any MSM, glucosamine product ?

  18. hi10spro, 17 November, 2009

    i’ve heard alot about glucosamine… but never tried it. my tennis elbow nowadays happens because I hardly play and then, wham i’m going 100 mph an hour playing… but now it’s fine

  19. hillsong1004, 25 December, 2009

    Hey hi10spro, get your elbow checked out and see if you have stage 2 or 3 tendonitis. You might require extensive therapy or even surgery by the sound of it.

    Holding a cup of coffee hurting? That sounds VERY severe. I think its beyond the point of calling it repetitive stress injury. Get it checked out man.

    I started to get tennis elbow recently because I stopped serving for about 6 years and started playing matches again. So my body isn’t used to the torque and vibrations anymore. GO TO DR!

  20. hillsong1004, 25 December, 2009

    Have a Dr, take a more in-depth look at your elbow. If physical therapy isn’t helping you then it might be beyond repair by means of therapy. You might need to seek surgical relief. Get a second and third opinion on your condition. Sounds pretty bad.

  21. hi10spro, 29 December, 2009

    @hillsong1004 right now it’s fine, but yeah going to a doc is always the best….problem now is i’m in thailand. problem 2… it’s fine… go figure…

  22. hillsong1004, 29 December, 2009

    lol, MURPHY’s LAW!

  23. hi10spro, 02 January, 2010

    nah… i can lift…because i lift in the morning…notice how no one is there? it’s 5:45 a.m. 2. my wife will let me play once a week at night–baby is 7 months and quite a handful. 3… i don’t play on super fast courts so much…that really, really hurts my elbow

  24. MIXMASTAPWN, 02 January, 2010

    i usually fix mine by icy hot and weights. icy hot really helps with the inflammation.

  25. r0baa, 03 January, 2010

    ah not this guy again

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