what exercises to do while recovering from plantar fasciitis?

I have stopped running this past 6 months, due to plantar fasciitis, I did all this therapy and now it is getting better. But I am waiting a few more months so as to give my foot more time to get better. I just want to know what exercises can I do in the mean time, I am thinking cycling; swimming; tennis. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated a lot, I dont wanna get too fat. Thanks

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  1. lestermount, 20 April, 2010

    Don’t do tennis, you can bike, swim and other things that do not put pressure on your foot.
    If you can get into a deep pool you can run in the water, so that you do not touch the bottom.

  2. Fluffy Ewe, 20 April, 2010

    yoga?? anything that doesn’t put too much pressure on the plantar facia!! Tennis wouldn’t be a good choice, that takes more foot muscle strain than running and walking.

    Swimming is excellent and doesn’t put too much pressure on the foot. But make sure the incision is properly healed before doing something like that.

  3. malachitemom, 20 April, 2010

    Stretching is your best bet. I have that, too, and it is the only thing that seems to help. And you should do it when you wake up.

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