What do elbow bands or arm bands do for basketball players?

I see great players use arm bands or elbow bands at times. This one guy[No one special] played an awesome game and the commentators were talking about the arm band and how it affects how people play…. They talked about Kobe, AI, and Melo using it… I thought this was just for fashion?…

I got this elbow band for free from a friend and I wore it, but it hinders the movement of the arms at times. I think it is supposed to improve your shooting speed because it helps you extend your arm..

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  1. (o_O), 20 April, 2010

    it helps your shooting,, but if your not comfortable wearing it then don’t wear it…

  2. YOUR MOTHER 3, 20 April, 2010

    It might help, try it. I usually don’t need those things though.

  3. Kyle, 20 April, 2010

    It is used to keep whichever appendage you have it on keep warm. If a shooter’s arm gets cold, it tightens up, and it is harder for that person to shoot. Same thing with the legs.

  4. Rebirth, 20 April, 2010

    I used to wear an elbow band before when I still used to play for my HS team and it helped in my right hand shooting and dribbling. I’m an ambidextrous and I shoot with my right hand but I still feel a bit uneasy with my right hand. Elbow band compressed my right elbow and it maked it steadier. I don’t know about those other players out there and those NBA stars that you mentioned but elbow band had helped me in my game.

  5. cHocoLake, 20 April, 2010

    yeah maybe.,
    but it can use when they fell on the deck, so they won’t get any injury.,

  6. NMQ122289, 20 April, 2010

    Fashion-statement indeed. Also can be used to wipe out you’re sweat. It does hinder my shooting though. I bought one but didn’t used it the second time. Much better without it.

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