How to Treat Complex Regional Pain Syndrome : Elbow Exercises for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

How to perform elbow exercises as physical therapy for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in this free physical therapy video. Expert: Monica Paradise Bio: Monica Paradise works at Industrial Hand and Physical Therapy in Phoenix, Arizona. She graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in exercise science. Filmmaker: Eric Johnston

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  1. igotsomenewshoesbitc, 17 February, 2008

    thank you very much.. how long do you think it takes to heal it completly??

  2. CannabisWitch, 20 May, 2008

    I have been told CRPS/RSD can go into remission.

  3. mnalini28, 24 August, 2008

    very useful.thank you.

  4. hhhxxxhhh, 08 September, 2008

    awsome thanks for taking the time and doin this vid.. it helped me

  5. 1rsder, 26 October, 2008

    ’tis never does, and the chance of remission is less than 1%. Keep it moving and watch out for future injury, for this almost always causes spreading and greater discomfort… Bummer huh!

  6. 1rsder, 26 October, 2008

    CW, not likely… The chance is less than 1% and it almost always comes back with a vengence if remission is attained… Bummer huh!

  7. coz0coz, 23 October, 2009

    as opposed to the bottom of the ceiling?

  8. superfeedbacker, 09 February, 2010

    when I attempt the downward part of this exercise my elbow gets really tight and will not allow me to extend my arm! any ideas whats up with that?

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