What exercises can i do at home in my bedroom?

What toning and strengthening exercises can i do in my room without weights i play tennis and american football. I want to play WR I am 16 and only 145 lb

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  1. James Y, 21 April, 2010

    arms – push ups
    abs – curl ups
    buns & thighs – squats
    calves – stand on a book with the top of your feet and push your body up and down with the top of your feet.

    there are lots more, just google home exercises

    hope i helped

  2. titus h, 21 April, 2010

    when i was ypur age i played football too and what i did everynight before i took a shower was did 3 sets of crunches and pushups.i got really tone and the six packs was nice.u can also add a pull up bar too…

  3. Mani H, 21 April, 2010

    for tennis u need good core, meaning abs, do, hammers & decline pushup & incle situps

  4. Toning Girl, 21 April, 2010

    You can do rope jumping, stationary biking or cardio dancing (with a DVD)…..or even jumping on a mini trampoline.

    Here’s a guide on how to do effective rope jumping: http://www.perfect-body-toning.com/jump-rope-workout.html

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