My arm hurts between my shoulder and elbow? hurts to lift it and turn certain ways?

I was doing some arm exercises this morning and then I noticed my arm became extremely sore during the day, I just ignored it and used it normally. now (tonight) it hurts so bad in the upper arm between my shoulder and elbow. What could it be? I am about to ice it and take some ibprofen… should I go to the doctor or what?

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9 thoughts on “My arm hurts between my shoulder and elbow? hurts to lift it and turn certain ways?

  1. you should ice it and let it rest if it starts to get swollen go get some ibuprofen for pain and anti-inflammatory
    i think it is a pulled muscle if it last more than a week then you should definitely go to your doctor
    but if you want to check your symptoms go to

  2. Maybe it’s a pulled muscle, or you just overworked it. Just rest it and it should feel fine soon.

  3. kreednnate says:

    I’d go to a Dr. Probably a pulled mucsle… but if it’s worse you don’t want to injure it further…torn ligaments and muscles are nothing to put off. Swith up between ice and heat every 15 minutes or so. Good Luck.

  4. alcala328 says:

    You have torn some "muscle tissue" , this usually takes several weeks to repair…i would in fact see a doctor…

  5. lets see what the ibprofen does – i would wait 2 days – if not better then maybe give the doc a call. you probably have a muscle pull.

  6. i had that happen to me. i pulled a muscle and i over worked it. it was swollen. i had to put ice then rub it down with sea salt in warm water. the swelling went down and after a day or two it felt better. also prop it up with a pillow.

  7. Alma Wright says:

    I have throbbing pain in my left shoulder to my elbow. I have not hit it nor have I done any exercise with it. Just my every day doing,sewing,cleaning house and such. The pain is so bad it wakes me up throbbing some at night. What do you think???

  8. timothy coleman says:

    It’s been hurting for about a month but I haven’t taken anything for it no ice pack but I will try what you all have suggest.

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