My Arm Is Swollen From My Elbow Up To My Triceps?

My arm is swollen. My right arm, starting at about my elbow going up halfway into my triceps (upper arm).

I recently started working out really hard. I had a sore triceps 2 days ago. The pain has gone away and I have pretty good mobility with that arm again. Today I noticed my arm starting at about my elbow going up halfway into my triceps (upper arm) was swollen. There was no pain and I wouldn’t have known it was there if I didn’t touch it by accident.

I went to the gym again today and did workouts that didn’t involve stretching or flexing my triceps or upper arm. It has since then become more swollen and is now slightly painful due to the swelling.

The muscle itself doesn’t hurt at all. Neither does the joint or bone anywhere on that arm. The skin is completely normal besides being stretched tight a little bit. That arm is the same temperature to touch as the other.

I’ve researched (Googled) everything I can think and haven’t come up with anything.

If anyone has heard or this or has any idea what it can be please let me know.

Don’t answer with just “Go to the doctor”.

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  1. SAK, 21 April, 2010

    You may have inflamation in your muscles or lymph nodes in that part of your body. Or, some other kind of injury.
    You truly should see a dr. asap so that you know exactly what is wrong, how to properly care for it, and how long it will take to have it heal up properly. Take care.

  2. see_jane2003, 21 April, 2010

    you need to seek medical advice from a doctor

    sorry but only a doctor can know for sure and you might need tests

  3. ldywolf64, 21 April, 2010

    Any bruising or even slight discoloration? Torn capillaries or ruptured vein(s) could account for the swelling and pain. Also, muscle fibers torn, even small. RICE it! Acronym for rest, ice, compression and elevation. Otherwise, SEE A DOCTOR!!

  4. Paul, 12 March, 2011

    I had my sixteen year old son to the hospital yesterday because his forearm from the elbow down hadswolen up within a couple of hours. There was no bruising or heat or redness. Three Dr’s looked and didn’t know what was on the go. He joined a gym last week and tested negative for steriods if your wondering. they gave him benadryl and it came down after a while. Still don’t know what was happening.

  5. Mike, 20 May, 2011

    Have the same thing in my left elbow as of yesterday. Doctor has me going to have an xray and proscribed a cortosteroid to use for the next few days. Did anyone ever find any resolution, will RICE suffice?

  6. erin, 25 July, 2011

    The same thing is happening right now to me. I started a new workout program, Crossfit, and did a really intense workout on Sat. Now I cant straighten either of my arms completely bc the muscles are so tight, with a lot of pain. My arm from my elbow to mid bicep is really swollen and looks like a sausage. My right arm is worse than my left, but it is the same swelling on both sides. its also difficult to bend my arm completely bc of the swelling. I only have regular soreness in my bicep, but the area bt the bicep and the elbow, and to the sides of the inside of the elbow, and a bit below is very painful. Anybody know what this is?

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