College tennis player here, can I get advice on this situation?

Okay, I was just wondering something,

I’m thinking of limiting my non-Tennis excercise to low impact (but still vigorous) cardio exercises like cycling and nordic track (or whatever they call that one machine), mainly to avoid putting excess stress on my knees and shins, since I have to run around a lot when on the court.

Is this a good plan, these non-running exercises still serve to build and maintain endurance.

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  1. spacewolfe9, 23 April, 2010

    Yes, but I suggest 30 minute dirt jogging. The reason for jogging on dirt road that are mostly available in parks is low impact. Of course, you can spend some money and buy a stationary equipment to exercise at home. The point is why spend money when you can do it for free?

  2. Peter R, 23 April, 2010

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