What are some good tennis games for beginners?

I’m helping out with beginning tennis classes and I work with the little kids, ages 5-8. What are some good drills or games they can play? It would have to be something very fun and entertaining, as they get bored VERY quickly with just hitting the ball 🙂 we’ve played jail with the older kids, ‘goalie’, and a couple of relays. Running exercises would be good, also. Anything to tire them out! 😛

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  1. sj931, 24 April, 2010

    I used to play this game, it was pretty simple and fun:

    Two teams of 2/3 begin behind the base line on each side of the net. The coach or pro, being you, would place the ball on top of the net and let it fall to one of the sides. Both teams run up to the net and try to get the ball. Once a team gets the ball, they must run back behind the service line and feed the ball to the other team and they play out a point. This game was called "steal the bacon" where I played it, I believe.

  2. Hi, 24 April, 2010

    1. i think this might be jail but where they hit and if they miss then they have to go to the other side and catch a ball.
    2. school: you feed a ball and for everyone they hit over they go up a grade and when they miss they lose a grade and go to the back of the line.
    3. around the world: there is a line on each end of the court and when they hit they run to the back of the line. [each person hits one ball and then goes to the back]
    4. if you have enough kids 4 corners. there is a line at each of the 4 service boxes and each person hits one ball and goes to the back of the line. if they miss then they’re out. and you can give the little kids lives.

    good luck!

  3. Vincent K, 24 April, 2010

    well i dont know if this would work with kids…but when i was training as a kid…this training was fun…helped out much in tennis but not so tiring…

    kids are paired either in 2’s or 4’s…its simple just like baseball the kids stay about 10-12ft or more from each other…taking turns in throwing and catching a ball…the ball’s throw has to be varied at times…

    this promotes hand/eye movement co-ordination with the kiddos…

    as we got older…this helped us out tremendously in volleying…the playing hand is ONLY used to catch the ball…helps reaction time…good exercise and fun…


  4. J-ville boy, 24 April, 2010

    Bunches of names (depending on which area of the u.s. you are from) It’s called roller, texas tennis..

    It doesn’t matter how many kids are on each side, but just not too much. As the name states, the ball cannot roll. If the ball rolls, the team loses the point. So bascially, there is unlimited hitting, running, passing between teammates…Good game for kids, play to 11 or 21. If a kid hits it over the net, bounces on the oppsing side and then goes over the fence, it is the hitter’s point. Hope this helps!

    I think another name for the jail game above is baseball.

    You should experiment with doing mini-tennis games with them.

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