Pain in elbows? any idea what it is?

For the past month my elbows have been really sore. they usually start to get sore during wrestling practice, or during workouts. Now its about everything. even throwing a football for a certain amount of time causes them pain. its like a piercing pain in my elbow joints. once the pain starts, it continues if i continue what ever im doing, and still continues for an hour after i stop. its gotten so bad that at some points, i cant even bend my elbows up, feels like im carrying 200 pound dumbells. i dont know what is wrong with them. is this normal? or did i tear something in my elbow joints?
yes, both elbows lol.

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  1. FangPawnFire, 25 April, 2010

    Yes, i have had this problem too. To help it, you should first ice them for 20 minutes, and then see if that helps the rest of the day. if it does help, this means you sprained or jammed or pulled it. the common way to help this is icing and keeping leveled. if this does not help, see a doctor about it and explain the story to him. meanwhile, i would not take Motrin, i would prefer Advil. This gets rid of all types of pains in less than an hour, so take daily.

  2. Debbie V, 25 April, 2010

    Is it both elbows?

    You need to see an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports injuries.

    The sooner the better. Take motrin for the pain (up to 900 mg every 6 hours.

    TX Mom

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