My elbow hurts every time I throw in baseball?

Last, year I played catcher and pitcher on my baseball team and the inside of my elbow began to hurt terribly when i would pitch. I assumed it was just sore from throwing to second base and I finished the season. But, now when baseball started this year my elbow still hurts when I throw more than 15 pitches. I don’t throw curveballs often so I know that’s not the case. Does anyone know he problem or experienced this before?

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  1. imtoogood01181, 26 April, 2010

    The problem could be your muscle. Either you tore it which I doubt because you wouldn’t even be able to throw anything or you strain the tendons. I tend to think you strained your elbow because straining takes a long time to heal 100%. Even when you think your elbow is healed, it may not have healed completely, maybe just 80 to 90%. Therefore any "sudden movement" like throwing a ball may cause the strain to reaggravate. I have this problem with this shoulder for a long time. One of the way is to not put pressure on for a long long time maybe 6 to 8 weeks. But I can’t sit that long without playing basketball. That is why my shoulder is always in consistent pain, albeit a little bit.


  2. walter w, 26 April, 2010

    My son had the same problem but the question I need to ask is how old are you. If you are young the growth plates may still be open and what yopu have is called Little Leaguers elbow and what it is is inflammation of the growth plates and it requires rest.
    You will also have a problem if you have not done enough conditioning and throwing in the off season and than you start to throw to much. I would also advise you never to pitch and catch in the same day or same game. Catching will take too much out of your legs and that is where you get your strength in pitching and than you end up just throwing with your arm and not your lower body. The same goes if you pitch first than your entire body is exhausted when you have to catch and once again all the stress is on your arm.
    If you use the same throwing motion when you pitch as you do when you catch than you can be short arming the ball which will cause stress on the elbow. I have found that most arm problems from pitchers come from throwing to much to soon, not stretching enough and that is extremely important and the biggest is bad pitching mechanics.

  3. Hollywood, 26 April, 2010

    Im a pitcher and i usually have that problem. A great way for it not to hurt is to take a rest from extensive throwing. Maybe focus on running or some other aspect of your game that you can improve. If you cant take time off from throwing, then take something like alive, and make sure to ice your arm. I throw curve balls and I recommend that you do because it doesn’t hurt your arm and much as fast balls. Its a great pitch but sometimes it hurts your wrist. Maybe throw different pitches to work different spots on your arm. Also MAKE sure you STRETCH. You don’t want to pull anything.

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