i have a sweet dog named Sport (he came with his name.. at the pound when we got him 9 years ago.) and like many other old dogs he has gotten sores on his elbows. i have wood floors and he has arthritis so he kinda slips around and i think his elbows hurt a lot,….. ANYWAY, my question is: do you think i could reduce the pain by putting something on it… like tooth numbing stuff or something… origel or something like that? would it work? i don’t want his poor little elbows to be sore anymore. his bones are sore enough as it is he doesn’t need to be having owie elbows :(
what do ya think yay or nay on putting numbing ointment on my old doggies elbows.
okay people. they are not that bad. and he DOES have beds, many actually! he just likes to lay on the floor .. don’t ask why he only goes on the beds (which are actually cushions off of our old couches) at night when he goes to bed…. but other than that he lays on the wood floor.
you guys are annoying me. i am a wonderful pet owner and take my animals to the vet whenever needed… but the elbow thing is normal for dog .. i have seen it a million times and vets do not care about them. and i am not talking open nasty swollen sores…. it is only because his elbows rub on the hard floors when he gets up and down. OKAY?! so his skin is a little raw there nothing sick or even really terrible. and i already manage his arthritis! i did not ask about the arthritis i asked if it is okay to put numbing ointment on his elbows so it doesn’t hurt! SHEESH. turn you ears on people.
i think i confused people with the arthritis… that really has nothing to do with the sores. it is just an other pain factor that my old pup has to deal with. all the sores are, are just raw skin because of rubbing on the floors….

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