why does my elbow hurt after i throw a baseball?

why does my elbow hurt after i throw a baseball
lately after baseball practice i have notice that back part of the body were my shoulder blade is there has been a slight pain… also on my elbow after warming up and doin long toss my elbow interferes with my practice due to this mild pain. After a day or two without practice my elbow is at its natural state but when i throw again with my right arm i start feeling the pain on my elbow, i NOTICED ITS no longer my back mainly my elbow. i can still throw with MY ELBOW HURTING AND ALSO move it AND able to batt but the PAIN is still there when i play or practice this pain just started about twoo weeks agoo i am 20 years old I HAVE BEEN PLAYING FOR A WHILE NOW WHAT CAN I DO? IS THIS NORMAL? PLEASE HELP THIS AFFECTS MY THROWING

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  1. Steven, 27 April, 2010

    I would need to see your form in order to give you a realistic answer. I assume you’re just not throwing it right. You really shouldn’t be using your elbow much at all. If you were simply throwing too much, your shoulder would typically be the first thing to get sore.

  2. John, 27 April, 2010

    Well it depends. Are you attempting breaking pitches or are you just having a catch? Breaking pitches put stress on the elbow which is why kids are encouraged to stay away from throwing them until they are maturely developed. The basic answer is that throwing a ball hard overhand is not a natural motion. This is why pitchers ice their arms and wait several days before their next start. Softball pitchers throw underhand and can pitch everyday because the underhand motion is natural.

  3. Bob, 27 April, 2010

    Ask a doctor.


  4. Kyle, 24 March, 2011

    You might be throwing with all elbow, which can lead to a very sore elbow. I suggest icing it for fifteen minutes on and off until your elbow heals. As for your shoulder, you are simply throwing too hard or too much, take a little off of your throws and ice that as well.


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