why does my elbow hurt after i throw a baseball
lately after baseball practice i have notice that back part of the body were my shoulder blade is there has been a slight pain… also on my elbow after warming up and doin long toss my elbow interferes with my practice due to this mild pain. After a day or two without practice my elbow is at its natural state but when i throw again with my right arm i start feeling the pain on my elbow, i NOTICED ITS no longer my back mainly my elbow. i can still throw with MY ELBOW HURTING AND ALSO move it AND able to batt but the PAIN is still there when i play or practice this pain just started about twoo weeks agoo i am 20 years old I HAVE BEEN PLAYING FOR A WHILE NOW WHAT CAN I DO? IS THIS NORMAL? PLEASE HELP THIS AFFECTS MY THROWING

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