Lower leg and joint pain.?

About 4 weeks ago i started to notice pain on the side of my calf muscle on both legs. Its almost like a bruise that you cant see.
And the the pain worsens with exercise instead of eases as the muscles warm up. My brother said it might be a shin splint but i have no clue.

Also, my ankle and knee joints have started to ache constantly.
I’ve had tendinitis on my elbow from throwing the football A LOT. So i was thinking that maybe i have a high risk for this and now that i started school sports (lots of running on an uneven football field) the other joints get tendinitis too.

Or is it possible that i have rheumatoid condition?

Also, with the ankle ache, when i start the warm up run, my ankle clicks for a while and its very uncomfortable.

Any possible diagnosis? Thanks!

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  1. sundaizie ♥~♥, 27 April, 2010

    You need to see your family doctor. don’t rely on people you don’t know to answer a health question. This could be serious ..probably not…but it sounds like you may be further injuring it by what you are doing. Your doctor can refer you to a sports med. if necessary… Get it checked….♥

  2. mark j, 27 April, 2010

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  3. lwachewicz, 27 April, 2010

    Sounds like you could be having some peroneal tendinitis, but this is often down by the ankle more…these tendons can sublux also causing some clicking or snapping.

    However, if it is truly in the side of your calf I have a concern about lateral compartment syndrome. This becomes more serious because pressure in the outside compartment of your calf can cause further damage.

    I could go into this further, but you would likely be better served by researching both of these on the web a bit. I would suggest a visit to an orthopedic doctor (if possible one with a foot/ankle specialty), a podiatrist, and/or a physical therapist. Good luck.

  4. Steph ., 27 April, 2010

    i could be wrong because im not a doctor or anything, but it sounds like a stress fracture to me..

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