How to proffessionally wrap an elbow with insulation?

Anyone know any tricks of the trade or methods to properly wrap a sheet metal elbow with fiberglass insulation and tape so it looks really…really good.

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  1. rssr27, 27 April, 2010

    The sections of an adjustable elbow are called "gores", so to neatly wrap the elbow first determine the proper circumference of the insulation, then make a pattern tracing the gore sections onto paper, and using these gore patterns to cut out the insulation. then wrap each gore around the elbow, tape the ends to hold together.When the elbow is completely wrapped, then tape the seams going around the gores.
    The cut length for 1" insulation around a 6" elbow will be around 22". Try before cutting. Use a good grade of duct tape to seal the seams.

  2. sensible_man, 27 April, 2010

    Wrap the insulation around the pipe so you have a tube. Mark it so you can remake it after removing it from the pipe. Cut it on a 45 degree angle and then use the two pieces to form the elbow on the pipe . One piece on the horizontal pipe and one on the vertical pipe. The cut should make a 90 degree angle.

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