I do 400 situps a day (along with other abdominal exercises). i also play tennis, ride bike+jog 3 X's a week.

if i continue, is this enough for a six pack?

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  1. Scheming Angel, 27 April, 2010

    Try to cut fat out of your diet, because in addition to beefing up those "six-pack" muscles — the obliques, I think they’re called — you also want to burn away any ab fat that would hide the definition.

  2. simmon_1999, 27 April, 2010

    if not there is something wrong then, how do you find the energy to do all that?

  3. brandon m, 27 April, 2010

    i have a major abnormal six pack and im a kid.. and yes that is enough. just dont eating fatty and carby food. and runn a hell lot. like about 15 miles a day. thats what i do.

  4. me, 27 April, 2010

    it really doesnt take that much, go to the gym and use a machine that focuses on the abdominal area, if you keep going like that it will take a couple of weeks or even a month or two

  5. mongoose_sentinel, 27 April, 2010

    see what you get? Maybe enough to take six pack of cold compress or ice packs for sore muscles. Muscles need time to recover. If you can carry out everything you have mentioned without pain, then why are still asking?

  6. David W, 27 April, 2010

    It’s enough for a long wooden box.

  7. garlicjnr2001, 27 April, 2010

    Have a go on en EMS unit like Bodytek, it might not be safe long term, but just have a few goes & get it as high strength as you can handle gradually, this will really build up your abs & allow for a higher contraction strength when you do your sit-ups.

  8. Mike T, 27 April, 2010

    Sounds like enough. Lots of cardio and situps. Excellent. Try adding weighted crunches to your routine. 50 reps with 40kg on your chest should fill out the six pack muscle.

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