Sore arms and sometimes even elbows?

My arm and sometimes even my elbow gets really sore especially if I’ve been clicking or typing a lot. Does anyone know execises to help this?

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  1. P M, 28 April, 2010

    It sounds like an inflamed tendon. You can try an OC anti inflamatory rather than just a pain reliever, such as Ibuprophen. Tendonitis is a pre-consition of carple tunnel syndrone, so you may want to mention this to your physician. I also suggest you consider buying ergonomic pads to support your arm when you type alot. A different positioning that takes the pressure off this tendon will enable it to heal from the tendonitis.

  2. Phoenix S, 28 April, 2010

    I would keep your arms elevated when you are not using them. Take Naproxen or an Anti-Inflammatory. Drink plenty of water.Try to rest your hand for about 5 minutes at least once an hour. You might also want to use a cold compress and arm braces during your down time or sleep.

    Ultimately you will want to see a doctor–just to make sure it’s not something else creepy up. Or the doctor might have a better solution than the ones people have mentioned in this forum.

    Good luck!

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