Have you heard of these symptoms?

2 days before Easter i was dignosed with over active Thyroid.

I was put on the meds to help this. My blood work came back ok with the dosage.

2 weeks later… I broke out in hives….. had to go to the hospital and they gave me steroids & benedryl. 2 days later the hives came back worse… again hospital and liquid steroids.

4/20 my sister died. 4/18 I had a terrible sore throat, fever and joint ache… my hands, leggs wrists, elbows… every joint swelled in my body. For over 1 month now… my joints are swelled. It starts in my hands, then elbow mostly now. I was tested for lymes disease, 5th disease (my gp says it is 5th) my diabetic doctor said i was exposed to 5th as a child but the blood work did not show that i have it. I am in such pain and my fever for 1 month now ranges 99.5 – 99.8. My doctor has no idea what this is … he just tells me to treat they symptoms with alleve.

Any suggestions? I am at the end of my rope… Thank you!
well with the hives over my entire body and the swelling…(plus being a diabetic) yes, that was ER care…
the joint pain is terrible… i have not done er for that… just my dr.. but no one knows what it is.

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  1. julia n, 28 April, 2010

    sounds like symptoms of an autoimmune disorder, which can lower your immunity to other things. seek someone with experience with autoimmunes/lupus and that type of disease control.

    These things take a lot of testing to determine what it is, but dont be satisfied with "take aleve" and get over it mentalilty

  2. versantly, 28 April, 2010

    none of this is ER care -see your doctor. get a 2nd opinion, if needed.

  3. LB, 28 April, 2010

    Has anyone suggested fibromalgia? (I don’t know how to spell it) Is it the diabetic doc that tells you to treat it with Aleve?
    I would have to agree with the other poster that says it sounds like an auto-immune thing. Don’t just treat with Aleve, get a second opinion.

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