I want to try out for tennis, I need some tips?

I want to try out for tennis next school year. What would be in a basic try out?
I also need to get into shape and work on my tennis skills before try outs, what are exercises and some skills that I need to know?

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  1. Lulu, 30 April, 2010

    i was on my high school tennis team. tryouts lasted five days (monday-friday). it was two hours a day. here’s what they made us do:
    1.) run laps around the tennis courts
    2.) warm up by hitting back and forth with each other (not competitively)
    3.) play best 2 of three games against each other (competitively)- both doubles and singles.
    4.) more conditioning (lots of running, push ups, sit ups, squats, etc.)
    it was mostly about deciding who would be on JV and who would be on varsity (although a few people did get cut all together)
    in order to prepare i would recommend a lot of cardio and anything to strengthen your arms. i would also work on all tennis skills (serve, vollies, forehand, backhand, overheads) – also the different spins- coaches love it when they see someone use a lot of spin and variety
    i’ve found in my experience in playing doubles that coaches really like it when people aren’t afraid to approach the net and volley a lot- they like people to be really aggressive at the net
    i took tennis lessons year round and went to tennis camp during the summer (it was really intense)- it was also taught by the varsity coach. so if the coach at ur school teaches any camps or anything it would probably really help u to join (that way u know him and know what to expect)
    the hardest part for me was that i found competitive playing really nerve racking and would make a lot of dumb mistakes i wouldn’t usually because i was nervous. i would feel really self-conscious with the coaches watching me.
    i made the JV two years and varsity my junior year; then i quit for a variety of reasons. i realized how much i can’t stand people watching me play during matches (parents, coach, teammates)
    schools compete on varying levels though. my school was super competitive so there was a lot of pressure. i know people on tennis teams from other schools where it’s super relaxed and no one cares if anyone wins; it’s just more of a social thing for them. i even know people from schools where everyone always makes the team because everyone who tries out has never picked up a racket before.
    so it really all depends on the school.
    if u know anyone that’s been on the tennis team at your school i would talk to them (or the coach) because they would know best what’s expected

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