How do you relieve pain and soreness in throwing elbow?

I am a high school pitcher and i have always had soreness throwing in my elbow. my elbow just started hurting worse than ever and ive been to the doctor for it but it still hurts. any suggestions on how to relieve this pain besides advil tylenol and ice?

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  1. Sam G, 03 May, 2010

    after throwing, ice it. before throwing, heat it. on the weekends, go for a long run and drink a lot of water

  2. DJ Bright, 03 May, 2010

    There are no ways to simply cure elbow pain. Motrin is better than both Advil & Tylenol and make sure to ice down the area well. But most importantly, stop throwing. You may have torn any number of ligaments in your throwing elbow and you are most likely making it much worse by continuing to throw and putting pressure on it. Have an MRI done to confirm, but it sounds like you have torn something.

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