What main parts of your body are exercised during tennis?

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  1. Mike, 04 May, 2010

    Tennis is a lower body sport. It does use a lot of the upper body muscles. But, if you look at most tennis players and compare them to athletes of other sports, you will notice that a tennis player’s build is more commonly related to that of a lower body sport athlete (like soccer or track). Tennis players typically have very strong legs. The core and upper body are definitely used to help generate power and speed. But, the legs hold the primary muscles for a tennis player. Obviously, tennis is a running sport. But, power is mostly generated from the legs. The load and explode with the legs on every shot generates power and works the leg muscles. After the legs, I’d probably say the shoulders, abs, and forearm. They are all very important in tennis.

  2. Daniel (suspended), 04 May, 2010

    it’s mainly about upper body strength

  3. Jerycs, 04 May, 2010

    Ofcourse your hand with the racket, the feet and your eyes just becomes keen as ever

  4. dima, 04 May, 2010

    your legs & arms

  5. James K, 04 May, 2010

    That’s why I love tennis…all really
    Legs because your running and jumping
    Waist because your turning and reaching and stretching
    Arms and chest because your swinging a racket and using upper muscles to hit
    Even using your brain for strategy and focus
    Tell me what doesn’t hurt after a good work out (the good hurt kind)…have fun

  6. Tudor, 04 May, 2010

    Mainly the core

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