Joint pain diagnosis?

Hi I’m a 16 year old female. I have been having a lot of pain. Hopefully someone can help me figure it out. Thank you.
Here are the details:
-active in dance for the past 9 years
-experienced back pain for the following week after my season was over, but this is typical after season
-season lasts about 6 months
-It has now been a month since the season is over and I am still experiencing the following pain
-continued back pain
-shoulder pain in both shoulders which started occuring 2 weeks before season was over
-periodic, but minimal pain in ankle (twisted several years ago and it hasn’t fully recovered)
-periodic, but minimal discomfort in knee (it tracks to the side, so it may not be uncommon for pain)
-neck has started to be uncomfortable (stiff, sore, etc.)
-periodic elbow pain in both elbows
-periodic wrist pain
-none of this is horrible pain, but it is not comfortable and most of it persists throughout the entire day

I am not sure if it is just due to overuse with intense season or if it could be due to something such as arthritis. I am just concerned because the back pain usually goes away within the first two weeks after the season ends. Also all this other joint pain. Thank you for any help. It is truly appreciated.
BTW I don’t think it’s rheumatoid arthritis because I don’t have swelling.

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  1. BOHEMIAN HEART, 05 May, 2010

    Its not good to feel like that at 16 specially from a sport that u like, or love in your case. You need a good massage and also start taking Amino-acids, glut-amine and multivitamins and most def go to the doctors, good luck

  2. TropyWife, 05 May, 2010

    see a dr of rhumetology……

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