I got ugly patches on my elbow due to prolonged hours at the computer. How can I remove them?

Like for instance, my elbow always rests on a certain part of the chair handle and it’s got bruised. Same with the wrist although it’s not as mad because I have a wrist support mouse-pad.

How do I get rid of those marks and prevent them from happening in future?

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  1. McMurdo, 05 May, 2010

    If you can, switch chairs and your own position as much as possible. Or using a notebook would be good idea, too, since you can set it up wherever you feel comfortable, and move around with it several times a day. This may also prevent sores associated with sitting a long time at the same spot.
    Always try to change the areas where you rest your body weight in order to prevent sore or ugly spots.

  2. Madame M, 05 May, 2010

    You might try an exfoliating mask once a week, and be sure to use moisturizer twice a day on the rough spots.

    Be sure to get up from the computer at least once an hour, and while you are at the computer, move into different positions. If you are getting these kinds of calluses, I am sure the rest of your body is starting to suffer, too.

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