Using Yoga to Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Tendinitis : Cross Arm Scarecrow Stretch for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Tennis Elbow

Transition into a cross arm scarecrow stretch from a yoga sphinx pose to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow. Learn how to use the cross arm scarecrow stretch for carpal tunnel syndrome or tennis elbow in this free video on yoga fitness.

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  1. Raguel22, 28 July, 2009

    Thanks I have been very stiff due to pushups and this is a big help!

  2. aletaleta, 01 March, 2010

    I have pain at the top of the shoulder blades (from other exercizes, and computer); this pose feels good but I do feel a little of that pain at the top of the shoulders — do you recommend this pose even so ? Thanks–I like your videos-

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