what is causing my forearm to be incredibly sore?

It started earlier today. It’s just the forearm to the wrist, like starting by the elbow but on the inside of the arm. It feels sore, the pain goes if I don’t move it at all. I haven’t done anything vigorous and I’m not suffering from any sort of cold or flu at the moment. Any pointers as to what’s wrong with it? I don’t see any swelling or redness – everything looks fine on the outside.

Thanks in advance.
hi claudia, it is just my right arm…
What are the specific symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome?

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One thought on “what is causing my forearm to be incredibly sore?

  1. You may have used some muscles there without realizing it and would cause it to be sore. I have done this several times myself, but always goes away the next day or so.

    Another thing could be carpal tunnel syndrome if you use your hands alot, writing, typing, using machinery. If it does’nt seem any better don’t hesitate going to your doctor and see if they can help you.

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