Is it true that tennis is a great exercise ?

I was just woundering because alot of people told me that.

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  1. gmd, 06 May, 2010

    Sure! Tennis provides a cardio workout while providing an upper AND lower body workout too. It builds strength and endurance while encouraging range of motion and flexibility. Tennis is one of the few "lifetime sports."

  2. Zach B, 06 May, 2010

    Yes, players in a tennis game are constantly running back and forth on the court. I’m sure it’s a great way to exercise.

  3. spence dog, 06 May, 2010

    why not, you have to run and hustle in it.

  4. cobalt_blue_0, 06 May, 2010

    Look at Venus Williams or any of the pro tennis players. It is great exercise, but you have to be careful with your arms. Tennis puts a lot of pressure on your arms.

  5. trickk120, 06 May, 2010

    Yes, tennis is a great cardiovascular exercise. It gets your heart rate up and helps burn calories. Over time, it may get a little hard on your knees and other joints due to the stop and go nature of the sport.

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