2003 Bonneville taking off the drive belt and tensioner? How long?

I had a plastic heater hose connector leaking badly so it has to be replaced. Well the little elbow won’t just magically fit in there properly. So I have to take off the drive belt and tensioner so I can get the hose connector in the tube first, then put it in where it goes into the intake hole. This might even involve removing the alternator as well I guess. Anyhow, how long does it take to take off this drive belt. I think I also have to remove an engine mount but I’m not sure. What’s the usual time to take off a belt and put it on? I have a diagram that shows me how to put it on properly.

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  1. blm1979, 07 May, 2010

    I have a 97 buick with the same engine 3.8 series 2 and had to do the exact same job about six months ago and it took me about 2 hours my first time and yes you have to unhook the motor mount but not remove it.You will see what i mean when you get this far.Make sure you put a jack with a flat piece of wood on top and jack it up just snug with the oil pan(Do not jack it up just snug against it) you have to have it just right not to high or low or the bolt will not come out or go back it properly and could get stripped and more so you do not want your engine dropping down any.Not sure if your supposed to remove the alternator but it does make the job easier.It sounds like your on the right track.Be very carefull taking the old tube out they are known for breaking of inside the intake and if it does this you have a big problem on your hands.Most aftermarket ones are not plastic.Good Luck.

  2. Donovan, 07 May, 2010

    depends.If your a car mechanic it could take an hour.If your a person who is reading a manual it could take up to 2 hours or longer.

  3. REV B, 07 May, 2010

    Here’s what the book has listed for serpentine belt only removal. It doesn’t list the tensioner. VIN 1 is .7 for one belt and .8 for the second belt. VIN K is .7 I would add another .3 for tensioner removal.

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