Cannot Bend Elbow All The Way Straight The Next Day After Workout?

On saturday I went to the gym worked out my biceps triceps and forearms. I realize i shouldnt have done all 3 but I hadn’t gone to the gym in awhile. I felt fine until the next day when my biceps were sore.

I knew i would be sore but didnt realize I wouldn’t be able to bend my elbows all the way straight. It’s been about 3 days and i still cant bend my elbows will it go away?

This normal? What can I do?

Chosen Answer:

cannot bend elbow

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  1. Chandler, 08 May, 2010

    Don’t even worry about it i get the exact same thing. That happens when you work out hard after not having worked out in a while. The last time I had that it lasted a week, but went away. Your body is just adjusting to the strain you are putting on it. I guarantee your next workout(after your arms are no longer sore at all) wont hurt like that.

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