What sort of exercise do professional tennis players do? Please answer asap! ?

I need help with this…

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  1. tennispimpster, 08 May, 2010

    Oh God, don’t listen to the person who said bench press. Pecs are the MOST useless muscle to a tennis player. Here’s a list of muscles that tennis players need the most: Quads, Forearm, Shoulder, Core (abs, back), Calves.
    Quads- running, leg press, squats, any of that sort
    Forearm- forearm curl, reverse curl. You’ll need this muscle for topspin.
    Shoulder-barbell uprow, lateral raise (I think that’s what it’s called)
    Core- abs and back…there are countless exercises for your core online
    Calf- jumprope, exercise ladder

    Some specific exercises you should do in addition to those are…
    1. long distance running: tennis matches can last for a LONG period of time and you’ll need endurance
    2. sprinting: it’s all about sprinting in tennis
    3. acceleration training: you need to get to your top speed in as little time as you can. For this, I go on the crosscountry machine and do 48 seconds of normal pace jogging and then 12 seconds going as fast as I can.
    4. for the exercise ladder, you can ask your coach, go to some conditioning classes, or just look them up online.

  2. Texas Pete, 08 May, 2010

    Bench press, arm curls and squats.

  3. tennislover, 08 May, 2010

    well alot of training….. cardio training for stamina..
    weight training for strength..
    core strength ab workouts

    flexiblity training…

    and obvioulsy alot of ball hitting…

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