How Long Will My Wound Take To Heal?

So I was PISSED @ my brother so I stormed outside and a branch cut me in the elbow! (the part that i need to bend) its got to the paint where some people in my class are like "Ewww! WHAT IS THAT!?!?! and I’m wondering:
A. How long until it heals?
B. What do I need to do to make it heal faster
TY! ^___^

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  1. Tepee, 08 May, 2010

    Your question is impossible to answer accurately because healing depends on a lot of factors. It will help if you use a medicated cream to cleanse the area to avoid infection. You should see some progress each day but don’t be surprised if it takes about 2 weeks to stop bothering you to some degree.

  2. David Davis, 17 April, 2012

    Tepee’s response is correct. Wound healing does depend on several factors. Wounds actually go through a few stages. These stages begin with the initial injury and proceeds toward healing.

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