I Have a Sore Arm. Mid-Arm And At The Elbow. How Can I Best Treat It?

My arm is very sore, the mid-arm and at the elbow hurts.

How can I best treat it?

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sore arm


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  1. FEMOLEY™, 09 May, 2010

    Elbows are tricky to heal my friend who does accupuncture said that the blood flows too quickly around that area making them difficult to heal and suggested a tight band to slow the blood and help fix the damaged tissue.
    I hurt my elbows when I had a spate of funny bone knocks full on hard ones too, two to three on each within weeks of each other they still play up 5 years later. I never did try what he said but it makes sense. I had to give carrying heavy bags from a walk to the shops a miss because they were so painful.
    A Neoprene support always helps keeping them warm and supported. Warmth and a good support is the key to fixing it, I relied on these.
    They seem OK but whilst chopping wood with giant axe the other day I stressed one of them and ooo! my muscles ache, that was the work out I needed.

    I think if our arms are being used for lifting or sport we should wear supports to absorb the shock and prevent injury in the first place, if we can remember.

  2. Chas, 09 May, 2010

    use your good arm and click on these



  3. Vernon Dozier, 09 May, 2010

    Take a break from dating Rosy Palms.

  4. Barry P, 09 May, 2010

    If you are a ‘vinylist’, it may have something to do with how you hold the violin or the bow. But, you have not said which arm is bothering you. Also, which part of the arm, upper arm or forearm, are you referring to when you mention the ‘mid-arm’?

    One more question. Are the little finger and the next finger of the sore arm a little numb?

  5. bonkersbon, 09 May, 2010

    Wet heat. (Nuke a wet towel in microwave until hot.)
    Ben Gay.

  6. Judy, 09 May, 2010

    Sounds like possible "Tennis Elbow" Rest the arm, Ice the area 20 min every2 hours, and do very gentle excersise of fingers , wrist and elbow. There is a tennis elbow strap you can purchase at the drug store that does relieve some of the stress so you can use the arm with less discomfort. If you need to know more, after clicking on the web sites above , try Medline Plus and go to Tennis Elbow,
    I had this condition last year and it seems once I have had it it comes back easier but if I catch it the first twinge and ice and rest it I can prevent a 6 to 8 week pain in the Arm……

  7. cami, 09 May, 2010

    Ouch thats painful all those spots ,I would use a heating pad on medium and leave it on there for a while.You must of did something bad to get that much hurt,,well i sure hope you feel better soon as your a great man ,peachie 1

  8. Penfold™, 09 May, 2010

    I get the same thing sometimes and Penn rubs in some stuff I call mumbo jumbo cream that’s supposedly made from the toenail clippings of Himalayan buddist honey bees or something along those lines. Its called Propolis cream made by Bee Health . Its a complete load of old nonsense but about 20 minutes after rubbing it in your arm stops hurting. There is also a gadget called a TENS machine that only costs about £10 and it has two pads that you stick on your skin and it then passes little electric currents through you skin which make your muscles twitch. I’m not sure if it does any good but at least you feel like you are making an effort. Aspirin are pretty good too but not very sexy. If only they came with flashing lights or a blessing from Shintu priests.

  9. tyler durden Oƒƒicial, 09 May, 2010

    Ha, did you try to save money and examined your cattle for worms by arm again? And to cheap to get some rubber gloves while you’re at it.

  10. Ronnie’s Cat Jubba, 09 May, 2010

    How are you hurting it?
    If you are leaning on it too much it will cause stress. My sister does this when she reads by putting both elbows on the arms of the chair or while leaning in to work on her computer. Now since she reads most of the day and the rest of the time she is on-line, the pain has been very bad. She must change that habit of pressuring the elbows. It is quite hard to retrain yourself Maybe she will explain how she manages. When she comes on.

  11. mercedesgal63, 09 May, 2010

    Sounds like you have tendonitis.or tennis elbow..go to the pharmacy and get a arm band ..rest that arm and don’t use it for a while..take some aleve.it might take 6 to 8 months to heal..i have it right now too.

  12. Nono, 09 May, 2010

    i have the same thing. i stopped leaning on my elbows so the numbness finally went away, but now there is just a constant pain on the bone near my elbow and goes partway down my arm. i don’t know how old you are but i am calling my arthritis because it is even worse when it is going to rain. yeah, i know, sounds like my grandmother too. but there you have it.

  13. +Carol Valentine+, 09 May, 2010

    You didn’t mention what it’s from, i.e. violin, gee-tar, sports, humidity, other (?)
    One of my daughters gets that often (tennis), and alternates Ibuprofen and BenGey (or similar product). Sometimes she alternates ice and heat if it is really bad.
    Feel better, and remember to stop banging your elbow on the table when you lose at arm wrestling, RV…. Exercising elbows from bar top to mouth is not a great idea either, lol. 🙂

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