question 4 women who did Tennis in High School?

how experienced were you when you started? was it very hard? i wanna know what exercises i can do to improve my tennis skills. i have a good backhand but im a little rusty. and im afraid that my soon-to-be tennis coach wont be that good. is it okay to do simple exercises by myself, like running with weights?
i mean wrist weights.

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  1. Roosh, 09 May, 2010

    it all depends if you want to play
    if you want to, you should try 🙂

  2. Crystal L, 09 May, 2010

    The tennis season at my school just ended actually and i was on the tennis team since grade 9 in which i was named captain this year (grade 12). I was pretty experienced.. like i took lessons when i was 7 or 8 but there was an A and B team for us. it wasn’t too too bad. Well.. jumping rope always hurts, running a mile in 10 mins, ladder exercises. All of those are exercises that will help. Also some sprints to help your explosivness into the shot. All the listed above are exercises that my coach does with me right now. It actually really helps. As for technique, i would suggest hitting against a wall, play exhibition matches at a local club.

    If you have a lesson with the coach you are going to get and really don’t feel like a good vibe or even his or her teaching skill to be that good, then i recommend switching. Sometimes even when the coach is good, you want the student/coach relationship to be good as well.

    Weights will help, but you don’t have to be extremely built like a hockey player to play tennis. Running will definately help.


  3. HawksSens, 09 May, 2010

    I started on about a 2.5 USTA rating. (I guessed,)
    It wasn’t hard at all! (maybe because my team was very weird and most of the team member don’t even know how to play)

    Running with weights can help a lot with your game.
    My coach used to tell me to do sit-ups and push-ups and skipping is really the way to go.
    Increase your endurance, build up your feet and arms, you don’t need a MUSCULAR body, tennis is all about technique timing, but you will need a built up body to respond and hit fast balls. (Like Venus Williams, she has a fitting body for tennis)
    Do you have a one-handed backhand or two handed backhand? If you’re one-handed and your backhand is rusty, train it! Wrong technique for hitting backhands is really dangerous for your elbow, it can definitely get you a tennis elbow.

    I’m still a high school student by the way, 10th grade, ha ha ha ha ha!
    I have about 4.5-5.0 rating the last time I played.
    Get a good coach, that’s what made it for me…

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