what to do to be a better tennis player?

I recently started playing tennis with my fiance. we are very amateur but really enjoy the game. what sorts of exercises or skills should i work on to improve? one thing I am not to hot at is being quick to get the low shots. what drills can i work on to get better? what is the best brand of racket? are there certain shoes that are best for wearing during tennis? thanks.

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  1. Eddie, 12 May, 2010

    Practice, practice, practice. You have to know the basics first. Return the ball consistently, you know that kind of basic. Then when you’re good at it, exercises to hone your skills will follow. It’s unfortunate that people work on their speed, lateral or horizontal and yet can’t return the ball. Priorities need to be set. Work on your skills first then do training exercises.
    I always say, equipment don’t make a player. You can be using a wooden racquet and beat the crap out of the boy/girl using the best racquet in existence. It’s in the skills, But then of course, to be good at a sport, you have to have good equipment. Go to a sports shop and try out a few racquets. They don’t have to be expensive for them to work for you for you. You have to wear the right kind of shoes though. Get yourself a real pair of tennis shoes. You know how some people call all sport shoes tennis shoes? Yep! Get the real shoes for tennis. Go to tenniswarehouse.com or to holarbird.com. They have a bunch of top notch tennis equipment. Good luck!!!

  2. ryan, 12 May, 2010

    ok,so some excerises you can do is to get a stability ball (the big excercise ball) and take some weights,probably around 5-8 lb weights,they dont have tpo be much,then lay with your midback on the ball,and stick the weights straight up into the air,with your hands side by side,then bend your upper body at the waist,to one side,while keeping your arms extended and kept side by side,then move back into the start positino and then go onto the other side,then repeat……

    the type of the raquet doesnt matter,its just whether or not its a suitable size of both the handle and the head…also,some good shoes that you can wear are black sole sneakers.

    the best thing you could do right now for you and your fiance is for both of you to sign up for some lessons now,but they dont have to be advanced,just enough to get a good idea on how to play a decent game….and also jsut go out whenever you want and rally or hit by yourself,just doing this helps every little bit.

  3. Thomas H, 12 May, 2010

    Great. Tennis is awesome. And it gets even more fun when you get better.
    First, work on your strokes. Ask your fiance to teach you the strokes. Learn to control them.
    Next, play with the wall. The wall is unbeatable, and will help you improve greatly.
    And last, remember that its always best to learn when its fun. Learning should be fun, not disciplined.

  4. uncrams333, 12 May, 2010

    tennis is a great game! if you just play alot you will improve i have a BabolaT racket and its really good. i also have adidas TENNIS tennis shoes. good luck and have fun!!

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