How to describe falling down, and scraping your elbows and knees?

I’m need help describing the feelings and actions of someone who has just tripped. I have no idea why I’m struggling with this. Any words describing what she feels pain wise and her actions after she falls with be greatly appreciated. I won’t steal what you write( I’ve seen some people write out examples/scenes), I’m just get ideas from it.

This is for a story. Thanks.
The main character, a teenage girl, is walking in the woods at night. she trips and stumbles a couple of times. The last time she trips, she lands hard on her elbows and knees.

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  1. ♦Mister Toulouse♠ Prince of☿, 12 May, 2010

    + Pain
    + Stringing
    + Bleeding
    + Sore/aching
    + Startled/surprised
    + Maybe Embarrassed?

    + First there would be a shooting pain in her knees, since she connected with the ground hard, and they might go numb with all the pain for a second.
    + She’d probably lay on the ground for a second, trying to catch her breath as it would be knocked out of her when she falls.
    + She then would probably sit up, being carefully not to prop herself up with her elbows and knees.

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